With the right hair and makeup, Delilah's perfect face and body looked a number of years older. She had the grace and bearing to pull it off, the confidence to appear in her early twenties, instead of barely eighteen.

The bar was full of Tall, Dark, and Handsomes…and Tall, Blond, and Handsomes, and some Short and Handsomes in various colorations, and even an attractive ginger or two. Sure, there were some less attractive men in the bar, but Delilah wasn't paying any attention to them; she had standards and could get anyone she wanted, so why settle for less than the best?

 Delilah was a succubus, and she had an Appetite that needed feeding.

There were a lot of extrememly good-looking prospects in the bar that night; Delilah was having trouble choosing. She really liked the hot pair of identical twins in the corner booth; she was considering finding out
just how close they were willing to get (and anticipating comparing their identical-ness in detail...

  ..Delilah's head whipped up as she felt one of her mating bonds

   And then another. Two people she'd had sex with in the past month had just died.

 "Henry…Ben..." Delilah murmured their names as her throat constricted with grief, her eyes watering, two of her boys were dead....

Delilah gasped, her watering eyes widening in panic as another thought occurred to her. Henry and Ben were brothers who shared a condominium…a condo in the same complex as Professor Anton Ruppert, her most loyal and supportive thrall, a man who might even be her friend outside of their paranormal relationship, her safety net when the paranormal stirrings of the Bermuda Triangle got too intense for her to handle– —Delilah turned and sprinted out the door, harm to her Jimmy Choos be damned.

    Delilah felt another bond snap as she sped her IS 250 Lexus convertible across Signal Lakes, the condo complex custodian.

Hellfire began shimmering in Delilah's eyes as rage swept through her.

Incubus and Succubus are the individual male and female forms of the so-called sex demons, unholy creatures that feed on the passion of mortals, to the mortals' detriment. An (Eros)cubus is not actually a demon, but the child of one, a baby conceived while one of its parents was possessed by a demon via the cardinal sin of lust. (Possession through other sins results in cambion of other natures, but incubi and succubae are –for obvious reasons– the most common type of half-demon, by far.)

Due to their unholy conception, an (Eros)cubus is burned by contact with holy water and items, cannot set foot on holy ground, and has difficulty using their wiles on people who have true Faith. An (Eros)cubus must feed their sensual Appetite by draining sufficient amounts of Passion each month or they begin to weaken, eventually slipping into a coma and possibly dying. They are attracted to lustful situations and activities of all varieties, inclined to indulge their natures even when their Appetite is sated.

An (Eros)cubus is obviously a creature of great Passion, and they are always very physically attractive, to the point where they often make people not normally attracted to their gender take notice. They can detect living beings in their general area, and can tell if a person is attracted to someone else in the immediate vicinity. By focusing on such a person, the (Eros)cubus can determine how strong that attraction is and who the object of the person's attraction is. An (Eros)cubus can also incite lust in people, as well as lower their inhibitions, which facilitates the sating of their Appetite.