A baby was crying.

Wailing, really, over and over, endlessly, just crying out in pain and terror.

Over and over and
over and over and over and OVER. . .and only Holly could hear it.

It was driving her
crazy, the poor baby was being tortured, had been tortured, to death, the poor thing was dead, Holly knew it — it was her neighbor's, Mrs. Fischel's baby, but Holly couldn't even tell the poor, distraught woman that her child was dead...

Benny, that was his name, poor little Baby Benny, not even a year old yet, and now he was dead, someone had killed him, tortured an innocent baby to death, but Holly could still hear him, hear Benny crying and Crying and CRYING...

It had been going on for a week, faint at first, something Holly could tell herself was just her imagination or her ears playing tricks on her, but it just kept getting
worse, getting louder and closer, and now it was the first day of second semester, and it was like the baby was in the school, crying, like Benny was wailing into the PA system, his cries boring into Holly's skull, wherever she went...

   When the wailing got even
louder as Holly approached the gym, she couldn't take it anymore. . .Holly Screamed.

Holly screamed to drown out the wails of dead Baby Benny, wailed along with him, cried the cry of an infant tortured to death, wailed the wail of a new mother whose infant had been taken from her, screamed the scream of the
bean sidhe...

  Holly was a Banshee, and with her scream as a Wailing Woman drowning out the rest of the world, she could hear Benny clearly– —his cries were coming from inside the boys' locker room, inside Jim Addams' locker. . .Jim, the quarterback of the football team, who hadn't come to school today, who hadn't posted on Facebook in almost a week. And all his teammates looked ill and uncomfortable, like something was wrong...

..Like a curse had been placed on them. A curse drawn from the same dark power as the one that had killed Jim Addams, the sacrifice of an innocent babe.

    Benny's tooth was in Jim's locker, and now that Holly knew, she could do something about it.

The Fae have been known throughout history by such names as the Fair Folk, the Wee Folk, Elves, the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Aos Si, and various other labels. There are dozens if not hundreds of different sorts of Fae described in the various tales and legends, and in reality very little is known of their actual nature. What is known is that there are in fact many different kinds or perhaps species of Fae, that they are both inherently mystical and connected to nature, they are vulnerable to the touch of pure iron, and they are skillful and clever.

Fae seem to come from another realm, itself known as Faerie, visiting the mortal world on occasion and often either stirring up trouble or rewarding those they favor while visiting. There are known to be two major Courts in the Fae Realms, the Seelie Court ruled by Oberon, the Lord of Land and Light, and the Unseelie Court ruled by Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. There are known to be Fae Nobles serving both of these courts, and there seem to be unaffiliated Fae known as wyldfae; it is possible there are lesser known courts, as well.

There are a great many possibilities for Fae characters in I Was A Teenage Creature, starting with just how pure-blooded they are and where they came from. A Fae character may be a Changeling, a pure-blooded Fae who was swapped with a human child at birth; this would give the character myriad possibilities of connections to Faerie and its politics, depending on who their actual parents are. They might be half-Fae, if their mother or father was a Fae who had a child during one of their visits to the mortal realm, or they might even be a rare child of human parents who both carry a small degree of Fae blood that combined in their child to manifest in a noticeable fashion. If one of the Fae character's parents (or both) are actual residents of Faerie, they might be connected to the Seelie or Unseelie Courts, which could cause all sorts of drama in the character's life.