David Graysky was worried.

He worried in general, since he was a ghost, and like most ghosts, he was a nervous wreck. He had died seven years ago, in a state of terror out in the swamp, and he'd seen a lot of things since then, but now…things were getting worse. The ley lines running through Signal Lakes were shifting and glowing in unsettling ways.

Being able to see the ley lines was something David had always been able to do, although they were much clearer now that he was a ghost. The last time he had seen them start changing like this had been seven years ago, and his Uncle Mike, the shaman advisor to the O'Brien Werewolf Pack, had been pretty worried about what those portents meant.

Then an actual Druid named Kelly Dolan arrived, proposing they combine their magics, using Mike's shamanic connection to the land and David's Psight to guide their joint spell, to drive back whatever was coming. The three of them had attempted their spell, but something had gone horribly wrong…whatever that thing that was trapped on the other side of the Veil had been, it had ripped Kelly Dolan to ribbons, had ripped Uncle Mike in
half, and it had ripped David's spirit right out of his body as his uncle died.

David has been a ghost since then…and he's scared that whatever that thing was– —it's coming

Ghosts are the spirits of deceased people that have yet to let go and Move On to whatever afterlife is awaiting them. The reasons for this vary from ghost to ghost, but it always boils down to some form of Fear…either the person died in such a state of fright it carried over into their death, or they fear what will happen to their loved ones without them, or that their killer will kill others, or even just Fear of death itself, of the unknown that is their awaiting Afterlife. Regardless of why the ghost has not Moved On, the ghost is still on the earthly plane of reality, shifting back and forth from one side of the Veil to the other. Doing so requires energy, which the ghost drains from their environment; this is what has come to be known as "the chill of the grave", the cold spots associated with a haunting or a ghost's presence.

An individual Ghost's abilities may vary depending on the nature of their death and what Fear is keeping them from Moving On, but there are a few constants that all ghosts have in common. Besides draining energy from the environment to shift back and forth across the Veil, all ghosts move inhumanly fast from time to time, reacting at the speed of thought because they are in essence nothing but a person's mental self. Although they can cross the Veil to appear in the real world, they are generally overlooked by most normal mortals, usually forgotten the moment they are seen, if a person actually notices them at all. Due to their connection to the Veil, ghosts can perceive the Veil clearly, as well as other paranormal energies, including many auras. Ghosts no longer have a physical body, so they have no need to eat, sleep, breathe, etc., but most are stuck appearing as they did when they died, unable to ever change their clothes, and some even have the wounds that killed them, if they were unfortunate enough to be aware of their death and imprinted on the appearance of their body when their spirit left it. Like all paranormal beings, ghosts cannot cross a barrier constructed from the wood of a Red Rowan tree, but they also cannot cross pure iron or salt crystals. This is why many cemeteries have iron fences, and a ghost's manifested form is dispersed (trapped in place on the other side of the Veil) for a short time if an iron object or some portion of salt passes through their immaterial self.