Kelly had a new mystery to solve — an important one.

This suited her just fine, since solving mysteries had always been Kelly's passion, ever since she had deduced Santa Claus wasn't real at six years old, because all his To/From gift tags were in Mommy's handwriting. She had uncovered a drug ring in her junior high, discovered the identity of the previous year's football trophy thief…and had determined that ghosts were real when it was the only explanation for the evidence she'd found.

Kelly had just figured out that her classmate Erica O'Brien was a werewolf, that her whole family was, just before Winter Break. Right before Christmas, the O'Briens' house had been burned down, with all but one member of the family inside.

  The O'Briens weren't homicidal monsters; Kelly was sure of it.

There was actually a surprisingly high number of deaths and disappearances in Signal Lakes, but very few were attributed to anything like wild animals. And the O'Briens had been living in Signal Lakes for half-a-dozen generations or more, for over a hundred years! Kelly was pretty sure they had been a Pack, and she was willing to bet her crystal magnifying glass that they
protected Signal Lakes, not threatened it. Which meant that someone, or maybe something, had murdered the town's paranormal protectors.

   Kelly was going to solve the mystery of
who, and why.

Human beings may not have the various Paranormal Abilities that other Creature Types do, but they make up for it with flexibility and experience. Humans can do and be anything they put their minds to, not limited by the constraints of their paranormal nature, because they are not paranormal. Humans are the dominant species of planet Earth, and they have developed the world for their use, giving them more opportunities than any of the other Creature Types.

Although ordinary Humans do not have any paranormal abilities or the special training and knowledge of a Hunter, the ordinary human main characters of young adult paranormal stories have a tendency to be extremely lucky. This isn't entirely without merit, as it seems to be what enables them to survive the various paranormal shenanigans they get caught up in.

In game terms, this means that Humans have the most variety amongst their backgrounds and Feeling Factors, and they can also afford more Skills. Player Character Humans can even have a fair number of Capabilities, because they aren't spending Character Creation Points on Paranormal Abilities. Although they do not have the special powers other Creature Types do, Humans don't have any of their limitations or weaknesses, either.