Matt re-lived every suicide run Coach Stockorny had ever made him do as he dashed across Signal Lakes.

Actually, it was a lot like some kind of crazy all-in-one training session, now that he thought about it. He was sprinting across the city, trying to get to the shipyard before it was too late. He played both offense and defense, left tackle and defensive tackle, and the moves he was having to pull off were kind of like all of Coach's crazy training ideas rolled into the ultimate obstacle course.

  Matt just hoped he was up to making this challenge in time, and able to help at the end.

He had been born gifted…fast, strong, bright, and kind, and more gifts appeared as he began adolescence, when his father got sick. The stress of his father's Stage 4 cancer awoke Matt's psychic abilities, and they only grew stronger as his father's time ran out and the stresses grew worse. Matt would never forget the day in eighth grade when he came home to find the house
far, far too quiet…he had gone upstairs to find his mother catatonic in her craft room, sitting at a strange bowl. She hadn't responded to Matt's increasingly frantic cries, and when he bumped the bowl as he reached to shake her, Matt's world had whited out.

He had awoken knowing what had happened, that his mother was a spell-caster who had sacrificed her magic and her mind to save her husband, who had cast a spell on her son before he was even born, to make him gifted.

Touching the remnants of her epic spell had awoken the full potential of Matt's psychic gifts, and now he was trying to use them to save people. His visions had shown him that some soulless thing was going to set off some kind of mystical nuke at the waterfront, and he had seen his paranormal friends in trouble, at the statue-thing's mercy. Matt used his psychometry to read the layout of the land, to find the fastest path he could take to get there. He used his telekinesis to hurl himself across gaps between rooftops, to open a gate without slowing down, to throw a meddlesome vampire across a stream before it could reach him.

    Matt ran like he had never run before, combining his psychic gifts and his football skills, praying he wouldn't be too late.

Psychics are human beings who have developed the psionic potential of their minds into usable abilities. These paranormal talents are various forms of ESP and psychokinesis (affecting the physical world with mental effort,) and developing this potential increases the psychic individual's willpower. Like most Humans, their primary emotional motivator is usually Love, but this isn't always the case, depending on how the Psychic feels about their gifts and what those gifts show them.

Although psychics are human and thus not affected by paranormal substances any more than ordinary humans are, psychics are not physically any more capable than normal humans, either. However, psychic abilities themselves are paranormal effects, and are blocked by Mountain Ash barriers and restricted or enhanced by various other paranormal items and effects. Directing paranormal energies with their minds is Stressful for psychics, although this Stress manifests in different ways for different psychics.