Next Playtest: Next Playtest: Gen Con 2017, August 17th – August 20th, 2017.

Thu, 2pm – 6pm: "Crunchy Hippie Chick"
Fri, 2pm – 6pm: "the Dragon Enters"
Sat, 2pm – 6pm: "Wild Black Lotus Hunt"

Hope To See You There!

JUNE 2017

Apparently, IWATC's News site has gone quarterly at this point...*sigh*

My only excuse for not updating more often is that things have been extremely busy behind-the-scenes for Ninjacat Stories, gearing up for launching the Kickstarter, but all three IWATC events at this year's Gen Con sold out in short order, so that's encouraging!.

Yes, that's right, "Ninjacat Stories"; my brand has a company name now! Running a Kickstarter virtually requires forming an LLC, for tax purposes, so my studio is now known as "Ninjacat Stories" —the contact gmail address was changed, even! Obviously, IWATC is a narrative-based RPG, but I myself am a writer and storyteller, so I can safely say ALL of my future projects will be about telling a story in some way, shape, or form. We need to wrap up the initial launch of IWATC before starting any other projects, of course, but that time will come.

That time won't be coming too soon though, sadly.

Unfortunately, my living situation is changing in the immediate future, and I'm going to have to cover some unexpected legal expenses in the next two months or so. Sadly, this means I won't be able to make the financial expenditures required to properly launch a Kickstarter until after these issues have been resolved, which is looking to be mid-August…which is Gen Con. Staying in a hotel in downtown Indy ain't cheap, but I run far too many events to stay on the cheaper outskirts of town, so the Kickstarter will most likely be launching at the end of August at the EARLIEST. This was most certainly not my intention, but such is life.

In the meanwhile, however, this means that there's just that much more time to get things better arranged for when the Kickstarter does launch, spread the word to increase anticipatory buzz, etc. I will be participating in a Q & A session about IWATC in the #rpgnet chatroom from 7:30pm – 9:30pm CST on Monday, June 12th. The chatroom can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/rpgnetchat. I don't know exactly when I'll be launching the Kickstarter yet, but it's only a matter of months, now...possibly even only weeks. Please help spread the word through whatever social media and interaction you prefer — the more IWATC is on people's minds when the Kickstarter launches, the faster it will reach goals and build momentum! Also, if anyone is interested in contributing art to this project, or knows someone who might be, go ahead and Contact us!

Also feel free to contact us if you want to join the proofreading team, or just go ahead and join the Google Plus Community if you just want to discuss the game. (We're using G+ as our forums, 'cuz it's easier.)


Firstly, my apologies that it has been so long since I've updated the site. I had some legal issues at the end of last year that necessitated taking a second job, and this site was one of the things that I let slip by the wayside due to lack of time. That entire situation has been resolved and I am now only working 40 hours a week instead of almost 70, so things are much better now.

The core rulebook's text is still proceeding apace and being edited online by some wonderful people, so I'm very grateful for that. Art for the Kickstarter has been proposed, invoiced, and had its downpayment paid, so the Kickstarter will be good to go once everything else is.

In order to drive awareness for the Kickstarter campaign, I Was A Teenage Creature will be present at Who's Yer Con 2017, March 31st–April 2nd in Indianapolis, as well as at Chicago GameDay #45 on May 20th, in Mt. Prospect, IL. All are welcome to swing by and see things in action!

If anyone is interested in contributing art to this project, or knows someone who might be, go ahead and Contact us!

Also feel free to contact us if you want to join the proofreading team, or just go ahead and join the Google Plus Community if you just want to discuss the game. (We're using G+ as our forums, 'cuz it's easier.)


Ugh, apparently I only update the site's News every other month now, instead of each month? Shame on me.

However, I can say the site has been quiet because we've been very busy behind the scenes. The main text is progressing, with the early chapters being proofread online at the dedicated Google Plus community, and initial layout has already started.

We're also working on the Kickstarter side of things, preparing to launch sometime in the first half of next year. E-mail lists are being compiled, background scoring for the eventual video is being selected and edited, and initial outreach to artists has begun.

If anyone is interested in contributing art to this project, or knows someone who might be, go ahead and Contact us!

Also feel free to contact us if you want to join the proofreading team, or just go ahead and join the Google Plus Community if you just want to discuss the game. (We're using G+ as our forums, 'cuz it's easier.)

AUGUST 2016 Pt. 2

Okay, we're about to enter the last quarter of 2016, so it's time for I Was A Teenage Creature to start gearing up for the Kickstarter next year. I sincerely hope to be Kickstarting in the first quarter, but there's still lots of work and challenges ahead to get to that point.

One thing that will help IWATC get produced sooner is, of course, editing and proofreading. In our wonderfully cyber-connected world of today, all of that is possible online, meaning anyone can potentially aid the process. I will be posting chapters of the IWATC rulebook on my Google Drive as Google Documents, which already has systems in place for leaving comments, highlighting sections, etc. Obviously, this will only be the text, actual formatting and layout will be a behind the scenes process. On that note, if anyone would like to produce art to be featured in the project, or knows an artist who might like to do so, please Contact me with an email saying so. I will be working with artists to find suitable styles for the book, and having a cover image BEFORE the Kickstarter next year would be ideal.

So, if anyone is interested in having access to the game's text even before the Kickstarter, much less publication, please use the "Contact" link below to email me (at ninjacatstories@gmail.com). Please change the subject line to "IWATC Proof Reading", that way I know you're not only interested in participating, but you'll also be proving you can follow directions! Sure, anyone could get added to the list and then download the Google Doc and be of no help whatsoever, but anyone who doesn't comment or participate in some fashion will have their access revoked before the next chapter's G.Doc gets uploaded.

Please do sign up if you're at all interested, and let any friends you think might be interested know as well. . .every extra set of eyes helps find typos, point out wording that is unclear, etc!


Alright, first off, MY APOLOGIES for not updating the News section since May!

Actually, not too awful much happened during the rest of May and June, but I did have the opportunity to playtest IWATC overseas in June. It was well received, with people who don't have English as their first language still able to understand how everything worked and have it make sense for them, so that was encouraging. And another person overhearing our game session was still able to follow along enough to cheer when the demon was defeated, so apparently the game tells a good story, as well. Excellent.

Naturally, July was primarily spent getting ready for Gen Con, and it paid off in spades. IWATC was extremely well received, with at least four Players at all three sessions. People embraced the "teen dramedy 'horror' TV show" concept and were personifying their Tropes and cracking up all over the place; it was absolutely FANTASTIC. Quite a few people agreed that this game is capturing a nuance of the genre that hasn't been done before, so that's extremely encouraging.

Here's hoping the Kickstarter next year is a smashing success!

MAY 2016

Okay, we're only halfway through May, but Gen Con event registration opened on the 15th, and ALL THREE I Was A Teenage Creature  EVENTS SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!

That is amazing, and I am SO thrilled! It seems as though perhaps some buzz concerning IWATC has been generated, which is AWESOME!!! (I'm not seeing much web traffic on this site nor IWATC's Facebook nor Twitter, so I can't be sure how much traction the game is generating.)

I can't even express how fantastic it is to see this…sure, my media-based games like Buffy, Supernatural, and the Dresden Files always fill up right away, but those are based on popular franchises with existing fanbases. Teenage Creature doesn't have that, so for it to have filled up right away too is very, very encouraging!

 Can't wait to see everyone at Gen Con! W00t!!!

APR 2016 Pt.2

Not too much to say for the rest of April, but I let some of my European friends know about this site, so hopefully the social media awareness spreads! Also, I've mostly finished outlining the core rulebook, just gotta hammer out all the words, now.

Progress is being made; here's hoping it continues steadily and smoothly!

APR 2016

Okay, April's not over yet, but I thought I would update to say that I Was A Teenage Creature's debut at Who's Yer Con went VERY well!

The first session actually didn't go off; there was only one pre-reg, who did not show up, but someone stopped by my table and was very interested. Since I couldn't run a session with just one Player, he sat down and generated his own character, to play at the next session! So hey, generating interest, which is what I wanted to do, right?

I also had one pre-reg for the first session on Saturday, who did show up, and decided to play a Succubus. This was fairly hilarious, since she had little black devil horns peeking up from the crown of her head, at the bases of her red pigtails, heh. Her Succubus was joined by the newly-created Ghost from the night before, and two of her friends showed up when we were only a scene or two into the session. She talked them into joining us, and we all had a great time defeating a paranormal serial killer.

The first of her friends was very enthusiastic about the game and took his character sheet with him, to extol IWATC's virtues to his uncle in the next room. Hilariously, his uncle was a part of my buddy's group of con friends, so he recognized my work when his pal's nephew brought the character sheet in. Demonstrating my ability to warp odds wherever I go, three of their group were the pre-regs for the second sesson on Saturday; the whole group ended up playing. It was awesome to have a group who knew each other playing; they already had the banter and rivalry of a teen angst cast, even if we were all on the far side of 20 (or even 30, heh-heh.)

Final session on Sunday also went very well; the first Players to show up were a couple, and he hadn't really done tabletop RPGs before. That being the case, I gotta say he did a great job of getting into it; he used his character's backstory and details to motivate his choices in-game, played hilariously off his girl's character at one point, subtly worked his own character's contributions to the story into what the last two Players' characters were doing. . .well done, all around! The last two Players were great, too; one played the Jerk-Jock Hunter and did a great job of making his character a jerk without being a jerk himself, and the other played the Ordinary Human character and did a fantastic job of running with the character's "how do I survive the paranormal situations of my friends?" internal conflict, and used his Lucky Success to survive the surprise ghost attack in the final conflict. The whole thing was totally awesome.

Everyone seemed impressed; one of the group on Saturday said they felt IWATC is speaking to a niche of RPGs that hasn't been addressed yet, in terms of being an emotionally-driven urban fantasy. If he's right, that could mean that the game will really catch on, which would be completely awesome. People commented on liking the character sheet layout, the Player Referemce sheet, even the poor business cards with their separate fronts and backs. The fronts had this website and IWATC's Facebook and Twitter addresses, so hopefully buzz is generated as we go forward.

Things went well, and I'm all the more hopeful that KickStarting next year will be a success. So, back to working on the rulebook!

MAR 2016

Prepping for Who's Yer Con at the end of the month, so exciting!

I'll be running four sessions of I Was A Teenage Creature, one Friday evening, two Saturday afternoon and evening, and one Sunday at noon.

I'm still putting scenario notes for the Player Characters together and such, so con prep is tying up some time that would otherwise go to working on the rulebook, but issallgood. I'm hoping to start generating some buzz for IWATC at Who's Yer Con, and that it carries on into Gen Con. . .if I can get people interested in and talking about the game before it goes to KickStarter next year, it'll be all the more likely to succeed when it gets there!

FEB 2016

Not too much new to report for this month, but things are proceeding (some of them faster than others.)

The IWATC rulebook is still more in-my-head than out of it, but it's proceeding, too. There's excerpts from it dotted throughout this site, so if you're exploring this whole thing and committing it to memory, chunks of it will be familiar when you get the book. Just to offer a little bit of new material as a sneak peek, here's the Chapters from the book's table of contents:

WELCOME TO SIGNAL LAKES Chapter One: An Introduction
HOW THE WORLD WORKS Chapter Two: Base Mechanics
I WAS A... Chapter Three: Character Creation
THINGS IN THE NIGHT Chapter Four: Paranormal Creatures
SOMEWHERE STRANGE Chapter Five: The Paranormal World
TEENAGE CREATURE STORIES Chapter Seven: Running the Game
DEFINING THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE Chapter Eight: Making the World Yours
SEEING THE SIGHTS Chapter Nine: The Setting of Signal Lakes
EXAMPLES OF ANGST Chapter Ten: Pre-Gen Plots & People

JAN 2016

Wow, have I been working on this thing for a whole year already? And the concept is a year older than that, holy geeze. . .but yes, I Was A Teenage Creature has been in playtest for a year now, WOW.

Of course, it's been a lot more "playing" than "testing", but that's mostly because the game is fairly simple, and we've just been getting into the story and characters so much that we rock on playing, and never leave ourselves much time for group discussion, oops. But it's okay, 'cuz I've had a fair amount of discussion with each of the Players individually.

We're getting there; this is gonna be a real game someday!

If you have any questions at all about I Was A Teenage Creature, feel free to  me!