Okay, this completely sucks, and it is totally not your fault!

It all started a couple weeks ago, when Coach Blakemoore found an old Signal Lakes High School class ring in the boiler room. Coach Blakemoore taught History and researched the ring, discovering it belonged to one Bill McPhaedon, the head football coach at Signal Lakes High back in the late '60s. He took the Skulls to state for three years straight, winning the championship in '67…but tragedy struck right
before the championships in '68. Coach McPhaedon was outed as gay, which was still a felony back then, but the supposedly well-loved coach wasn't arrested…his home was broken into, and he was beaten, badly, before being dragged to the school and lynched in the gym.

That's all tragic and everything, and Coach Blakemoore wanted to make things right, to respect the man who had done so much for SLHS and hadn't deserved to have his legacy tarnished (or to be
murdered, of course,) and restore honor to his memory. Coach Blakemoore went to the principal, and the school put up a whole display to respect McPhaedon, outlining what he had done for the school, how much he had helped the student body as a whole, not just the football team, the whole nine yards. The display is up in the gym lobby until the end of the quarter, then the ring and a plaque summarizing the display will be put in the trophy case, next to the '67 State Trophy that McPhaedon coached the school to winning. The thing is, three days after Coach Blakemoore got the display put up, he went missing…and the rumor is that he was killed or that "something weird" happened to him. And since Signal Lakes is the western tip of the Bermuda Triangle, "something weird" usually means "something paranormal", and it also usually means "somebody's dead".

Now there's a memorial for Coach Blakemoore next to Blakemoore's memorial for Coach McPhaedon, and the school has a replacement PE teacher, Coach Williams. Williams is just slightly on the creepy side, not much when compared to some of the paranormal things you and your Teenage Creature friends have seen in Signal Lakes, but he's definitely a little weird, and just a hint of creepy could pretty easily mean Actually Seriously Creepy in Signal Lakes, and he's just hiding it until it's time to enact his nefarious plan, or whatever. He seems to be a great coach and PE teacher, able to get the normally non-motivated kids to participate in gym class, stuff like that…but other times, he's a million miles away even while his mouth is still speaking, and he's so still otherwise he might not be breathing. —And he talks like Captain America, even called the basketball team "the fellas" once.

So the new coach is weird, and that's not a crime, and he seems nice, but he could be some kind of paranormal Big Bad hiding behind a "nice" disguise…and he's given you and all of your fellow Teenage Creatures detention on Saturday! And some of the reasons he used are awfully damn thin; it's like he
wants all of you there on Saturday...

  ..And Coach Williams just happens to be the lucky teacher stuck supervising the detention kids on Saturday....

Detention Club is a one-shot scenario for I Was A Teenage Creature, a stand-alone adventure. The Player Characters have all been given Saturday detention by the mysterious new PE teacher, who will be their supervisor, the coach he replaced vanished under mysterious circumstances, and something paranormal is happening at the school....

IWATC is a narrative-focused urban fantasy RPG where it doesn't matter how strong your werewolf is, or how fast his vampire is, or how beautiful her fae is…what matters is how these characters feel, what drives them to do things, not how inherently capable they are of accomplishing them. What keeps the viewers of Buffy or Teen Wolf or any other young-adult urban fantasy show coming back every episode? Is it the Monster of the Week? No, it's the angst and drama of the young adult characters' lives, how they face the paranormal shinola they're wrapped up in. Come play a character that could star on such a show, and see how their angst and emotions drive their story.

Player characters in IWATC each have a Trope, summing up who they are or what purpose they serve in the story. If you get a character sheet that says "Ditzy Cheerleader" or "Computer Nerd", you already know how to play that character. The rest is figuring out what it means when your Trope is a Werewolf, or a Ghost, or a Hunter, or whatever.

As stated before, I Was A Teenage Creature is a narrative-focused game, using a fairly simple Success-based d10 system. Just bring a handful of d10s and be prepared to get into character and consider your character's motivations, and you'll have a blast exploring what it means to be a Teenage Creature.

If you have any questions at all about I Was A Teenage Creature, feel free to  me!