Something's going on in Signal Lakes, and it's Not Good.

Well, there's
always something going on in Signal Lakes, because it's the western tip of the Bermuda Triangle, right? Supposedly, the Signal Lakes are a signal, guidling lost spirits through the turmoil of the Bermuda Triangle's influence, so they can find their way to the Other Side. The problem is, that Signal attracts all the rest of the paranormal, too.

So yeah, there are normally problems here, but lately, they've gotten worse. Lately, it seems like…like someone's causing problems on
purpose. First, it was just cold spots, spooky noises, maybe a wilted plant or two. Y'know, ordinairy ghost stuff.

  But it's happening all over town, and ghosts can't do that.

   Not all by themselves, at least.

But then, last night, somebody's stupid pet dog got out, and chased the first car it saw. Well, more like
attacked the car, ran right at it, barking its fool head off, and tried to bite the wheel as the poor driver hit the brakes.

    The dog's head popped.

The poor lady got out of her car, freaking out, ran around the front of her car asking the dog if it was okay, even though she knew damn well it had to be dead. She grabbed its legs and dragged its smashed head out from under the car...

   ..Then it got up, and started barking at her, its throat fine and skull smashed....

The Host of Most Ghosts is a four-hour introductory scenario for I Was A Teenage Creature, the second part of the Hellish Upheaval Trilogy. It is not at all required to play all three parts; each scenario is a stand-alone adventure, forming one part of an interconnected storyline. Playing in all three will give you the big picture, but you won't need the whole story to understand the portion you're playing.

IWATC is a narrative-focused urban fantasy RPG where it doesn't matter how strong your werewolf is, or how fast his vampire is, or how beautiful her fae is…what matters is how these characters feel, what drives them to do things, not how inherently capable they are of accomplishing them. What keeps the viewers of Buffy or Teen Wolf or any other young-adult urban fantasy show coming back every episode? Is it the Monster of the Week? No, it's the angst and drama of the young adult characters' lives, how they face the paranormal shinola they're wrapped up in. Come play a character that could star on such a show, and see how their angst and emotions drive their story.

Player characters in IWATC each have a Trope, summing up who they are or what purpose they serve in the story. If you get a character sheet that says "Ditzy Cheerleader" or "Computer Nerd", you already know how to play that character. The rest is figuring out what it means when your Trope is a Werewolf, or a Ghost, or a Hunter, or whatever.

As stated before, I Was A Teenage Creature is a narrative-focused game, using a fairly simple Success-based d10 system. Just bring a handful of d10s and be prepared to get into character and consider your character's motivations, and you'll have a blast exploring what it means to be a Teenage Creature.

If you have any questions at all about I Was A Teenage Creature, feel free to  me!