Ohhhhh, Boy…you and your friends are in trouble this time!

  It's no big deal, really— —just an ancient paranormal creature more powerful than you and all of your Teenage Creature friends AND all of your families,
put together!

Apparently, this being did somebody's ancestor a favor, like, centuries ago, and now he's here to reclaim it. That's…great? You'd love to help an ancient being more powerful than the sum total of everyone you know, but there's just one not-so-little problem…

   ..What he wants is

Now, this Ancient Creature isn't unreasonable; he realizes that popping up out of nowhere after half a
millenium could be considered "unexpected", so he's giving you a few days to get things together, but he warned you that after that? He would be forced to take measures considerably more…dire, was the word he used. Oh, and these creepy shadow-spirits having been showing up around town, too. Gee, they couldn't possibly be related, right?

So, you have a few days to figure out how to do the impossible, without revealing to this being that you can't, and without getting anyone else drawn into the current fustercluck that is you and your fellow Teenage Creature's lives, because if you do, you'll probably get whoever that is killed

      —Don't you just love being a Teenage Creature in Signal Lakes?

The Long Death of the Black Lotus is a one-shot scenario for I Was A Teenage Creature, a stand-alone adventure. The Player Characters have been contacted by an enormously powerful paranormal creature, who has politely requested they do the impossible for him....

IWATC is a narrative-focused urban fantasy RPG where it doesn't matter how strong your werewolf is, or how fast his vampire is, or how beautiful her fae is…what matters is how these characters feel, what drives them to do things, not how inherently capable they are of accomplishing them. What keeps the viewers of Buffy or Teen Wolf or any other young-adult urban fantasy show coming back every episode? Is it the Monster of the Week? No, it's the angst and drama of the young adult characters' lives, how they face the paranormal shinola they're wrapped up in. Come play a character that could star on such a show, and see how their angst and emotions drive their story.

Player characters in IWATC each have a Trope, summing up who they are or what purpose they serve in the story. If you get a character sheet that says "Ditzy Cheerleader" or "Computer Nerd", you already know how to play that character. The rest is figuring out what it means when your Trope is a Werewolf, or a Ghost, or a Hunter, or whatever.

As stated before, I Was A Teenage Creature is a narrative-focused game, using a fairly simple Success-based d10 system. Just bring a handful of d10s and be prepared to get into character and consider your character's motivations, and you'll have a blast exploring what it means to be a Teenage Creature.

If you have any questions at all about I Was A Teenage Creature, feel free to  me!